NextPhase Therapeutics is developing new exosome-based topical treatments to help patients better manage autoimmune diseases

We are an international drug discovery company based on an innovative exosome-based platform focusing on developing treatments for dermatological diseases.

About Us

NextPhase Therapeutics is a drug discovery company focused on an innovative exosome‐based biologic platform that targets immuno-inflammatory dermatologic diseases.  Our lead indications are psoriasis and atopic dermatitis (AD).  While there are many therapies in the market today there are very few that combine high efficacy with high safety (ie. with limited or no downside risks).   Our topical therapy provides this unique combination of advantages and can benefit up to 90% of all patients who suffer from these conditions.

NextPhase’s therapy is based on exosomes produced by a proprietary cell line. Exosomes are nano-sized extracellular particles naturally released from cells for intercellular communication.

Our exosomes interact on the skin lesions modulating the inflammatory cascade, stopping the abnormal activity of the tissue, and restoring the skin barrier.

NextPhase has been able to formulate exosomes with a proprietary set of proteins to treat psoriasis and atopic dermatitis in a topical therapy.

Our exosome formulation presents multiple benefits as a topical autoimmune disease treatment, such as no systemic distribution, multiple therapeutic targets, and high safety and efficacy already proven in animal models of spontaneous disease.

Currently, NextPhase Therapeutics is working on rapidly advancing its lead product candidate through preclinical and clinical development.

NextPhase Therapeutics is rapidly advancing its lead product candidate through preclinical and clinical development for the treatment of Psoriasis with a straightforward extension into Atopic Dermatitis.